It seems like every day there’s a new style of yoga cropping up and they keep getting more and more bizarre. From the classic laughing yoga to “doga” with dogs there is such an array of classes available, meaning there really is something for everyone.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (or “SUP Yoga” as the cool kids call it) has been around for a few years now and really is a challenge is balance and frame of mind that provides an awesome workout.

Last Sunday I headed over to Manly for another attempt at SUP Yoga with the amazing Daniel Myers. The class starts with a basic paddling 101 for those who are new to the boards. Dan runs the group through paddling technique for minimum effort and maximum power, explaining the awesome core workout that paddling provides. Then we’re in the water!

We paddle around the bend before securing our boards on the water and doing an hour of yoga. It’s not your perfect alignment, studio yoga but it’s fun. There’s lots of splashes as some poses don’t quite translate but the class is a super supportive environment that makes falling in the water fun.

Classes can be booked through Manly Kayak Centre and are a whole lot of fun!

What’s the weirdest kind of yoga you’ve tried?

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