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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the arts, so when I received an invite to pop in and watch a rehearsal for Sydney Dance Company’s upcoming piece Frame of Mind, I was all in.

The Sydney Dance Company are renowned for their phenomenal contemporary dance works and, from what I’ve seen, Frame of Mind, choreographed by Rafael Bonachela (pictured) and William Forsythe is going to be a very strong production for 2015.

Frame of Mind is a double bill show featuring two pieces – Frame of Mind (Bonachela) and Quintet (Forsythe). While the strength and technique of the dancers and the snippets of choreography seen were absolutely phenomenal, what really struck me from the evening was the words of Bonachela.

Bonachela spoke about his creative process in creating his new piece. Frame of Mind was created using key words from Bonachela and his dancers to give insight into the “frame of mind” that they were in during 2014. These words and feelings were used to create individual movements that were woven together to form the choreography. Bonachela also looked at the word “frame” itself and interpreted this as both a frame or structure of support and as a picture frame, creating two unique motifs that will feature in the full work.

Being able to hear the process behind the creation of Bonachela’s work was an incredibly inspiring experience. I can easily say that the snippets of Frame of Mind and Quintet have definitely left me eager to see the full show!

If you’re in Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne, Frame of Mind will be performed March 6 – May 16. Check out the SDC website for info and tickets!

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